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Official 2022

Supercross Championship

The Monster Energy Supercross championship is back! Get right into the action of the 2022 Supercross season.

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    The greatest sx riders
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    The most iconic teams and bikes
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    The official tracks
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    The next champion: you!
Supercross 6
Supercross 6


For everyone

First time on a dirt-bike? No worries! New tools and riding aids will help you out, allowing you to customize your experience according to your riding style and build your path to glory regardless of your initial skill level. And now you can also take advantage of your own personal Coach, the “King” Jeremy McGrath, who’ll teach you how to master the art of riding. Complete his challenges, learn the ropes in the Supercross Academy and find the champion in you!

Your path
to glory


Get to the top

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    Start your Career from the bottom and show everyone your worth! Find a sponsor, defeat your opponents, and climb the ladder of the Championship to get what you deserve!

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    Get right into the action and race in the Supercross 250 East or West division. Personalize your rider’s abilities through the Skill Tree, complete the missions assigned by your Coach and keep your rider in good shape with dedicated training sessions. Succeed and you’ll become a Pro!

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    Turn your passion into glory and compete at the highest level in the 450 Championship. Create rivalries, make critical choices, and realize your dream to be the next Supercross Champion.

Supercross 6 Corona

The coach

The “KING” of Supercross will be your personal guide through the whole game. Listen to his advice and valuable tips, learn the basics in the Supercross Academy, and follow his lead to train and become a champion in the Career mode. You can also look for Jeremy in the Supercross Park, he'll always have a new challenge ready for you!

Supercross 6 Jeremy Mcgrath Supercross 6 Jeremy Mcgrath Supercross 6 Jeremy Mcgrath Supercross 6 Jeremy Mcgrath Supercross 6 Jeremy Mcgrath

Free roam in the

Supercross Park

Explore a new, massive free roaming environment, the Supercross Park! Test your skills across 5 different areas: the peak, the airport, the stadium, the quarry, and the player pit. Race on both Motocross and Supercross tracks and have fun, alone or with your friends, with tons of different activities to complete. Never a dull moment in the Supercross Park!

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Supercross 6 Split Screen

1v1 duels


No turns, no second chances. It's all about your skills and speed! Defeat your rivals one by one, besting them on straight flow sections with no room for mistakes. Push yourself and your friends to the limit and become the king of the couch, thanks to the return of the split screen mode. Let's keep the rhythm!

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Supercross 6 Customization

to express

Supercross 6 Lampo
  • Supercross 6 Helmet and sticker customization
    Helmet and sticker customization

    Find your look and customize your bike and rider with 600+ accessories from the most iconic after-market brands. Unleash your creativity by designing your own helmets and stickers and then let the community use your creations CROSS-PLATFORM!

  • Supercross 6 The track editor is back
    The track editor is back!

    And for a complete custom experience, the acclaimed Track Editor is back! Now you have access to a variety of new terrains to create unique tracks to share with riders all around the world, or race on tons of tracks created by other players CROSS-PLATFORM!

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Supercross 6
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