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Supercross 6 Supercross 6

PS4 (EU e US): 01.03 – PS5 (EU e US): 01.004.000 – Xbox (ONE e Series X|S): – PC STEAM

  • Added Rhythm Attack: Course 3 “Champions’ Raceway”.
    • A new Straight Rhythm has been added to the available tracks for Rhythm Attack!
  • Added Rhythm Attack: Tournament game mode.
    • A new way to experience the Rhythm Attack: fight your way in a 4-rounds Tournament and come out on top!
  •   Added Rhythm Attack: Split screen mode.
    • Challenge your friends face-to-face on the Straight Rhythm tracks!
  • Added: Split Screen championship mode.
    • Challenge your friends face-to-face in an official 450 or 250 championship!
  • Improved: Monster Girl characters.
  • Fix on championship save
    • Fixed a bug where players could not continue their Career after selecting Rookie-West chapter.
  • Improved online stability.
    • Fixed a bug where using voice chat would randomly crash an online lobby.
  • Various fixes and improvements.
    • Fixed a bug where the game would crash upon ending a Coach Challenge in a specific point of the Supercross Park.
    • Fixed a bug where the game would not correctly translate the Reward page after a Supercross Academy lesson.
Supercross 6

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Supercross 6
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