Get to know better the new Supercross 3 with this first media previews. News

Get to know better the new Supercross 3 with this first media previews.

Some journalists from all over the world had the chance to play the preview build of the new Monster Energy Supercross 3 – The Official Videogame and, even if it was a “work in progress” version,  
we were very happy to read feedback about the game and about the latest improvements we have made, during the past few weeks.
After the release of the first Official Gameplay, thanks to your attendance, we realized that something was not going in the right direction, like the bikes sound for example. We started working right away, following the feedback you have sent us over the past few weeks.
Now we are very happy to share their first impressions with you, hoping that they will help you get to know the new Supercross 3 a little better.
Here you can find a list of specialist gaming media.


The Sixth Axis:




IGN Italy:

Xboxy Gen:

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