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Enter the stadium and compete in the most intense off-road motorcycle racing competition in the world!

It's all about the tracks

Supercross wouldn't be the same without its amazing tracks and stadiums. Filled with roaring crowds and fireworks, the stadiums set the right atmosphere to fire up the competition on the spectacular and unique tracks that make every race unforgettable. Scanned with photogrammetry and reproduced with incredible care for even the smallest details, the officially licensed venues and tracks will leave you breathless.

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Much more than a race

Supercross is the pinnacle of off-road motorcycle racing, and this experience is second to none!

  • New 3D SCANNING SYSTEM: extra detailed renders of riders’ facial features
  • PHOTOGRAMMETRIC SYSTEM: authentic reproduction of the stadiums
  • ACCURATE REPRODUCTION of bikes, tracks and accessories
  • Full use of the EPIC GAMES’ UNREAL® ENGINE 4 potential
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Endless possibilities *

Creating an exciting and fun track has never been so easy! Be the creator of your experience: create, customize and share tracks, with the unique chance to test them as you add new obstacles from an extensive toolbox.

And when you're done creating, the fun has just started! Share your creations and vote the other players' tracks, earning them in-game rewards!

* Feature not available on Nintendo Switch

Create your own style!

Make the race completely yours! Craft your rider, bike and team with countless custom options. A variety of brands, bikes and accessories are at your disposal to create a unique style.

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